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Toyota Hiace 2019 Interior Review in Nigeria

The space and convenience designed by Toyota in this vehicle has been detailed in the Toyota Hiace 2019 interior review. Learn about the reliable van.

Toyota Hiace is the most commuter van in Nigeria, and the customers have consistently patronized this brand since it was available in the 80s. The Japanese automobile manufacturers, Toyota presented a redesign of the Hiace van in 2019 with an extended front, and sleek body design. You can see a list of Toyota Hiace price Nigeria on

The 5-door exterior provides two front doors and two sliding doors for commuters to access the interior, but there are trims of this van that are made for item haulage. Some retouching has also been done inside this vehicle which has Hiace LWB Van, Hiace LWB Crew Van, Hiace SLWB Van, Hiace SLWB Commuter and Hiace Commuter GL trims so we will take a good look at the components and features in this Toyota Hiace 2019 interior review.

The advanced technology used for this vehicle production includes a keyless entry feature to unlock the doors, and the spacious cabin can accommodate between 14 to 17 adult passengers. The interior of the Toyota Hiace 2019 is quiet and convenient; the driver and passengers in front do not get disturbed by the engine of the vehicle since it is not positioned on the front axle. The seats are made of fabric or leather materials with single or dual colours, and the temperature control features are distributed to every seat row in the Toyota Hiace 2019 interior. The features on the dashboard of this vehicle includes the speedometer display behind its adjustable and telescopic steering setup. It has an infotainment system with controls and display screen positioned creatively at the center, and four air conditioning vents distributed across the dashboard.

There a set of seat arrangements that vary with the five main trims of the vehicle and the purpose of its design, and these trims have slightly different dashboard layouts which we will see here.

2019 Toyota Hiace LWB Van Interior

All your cargo can fit into the Toyota Hiace LWB Van

There are only two seats for the driver and front passenger in this van, and they are made of fabric; the rest of the interior space is open for cargo and there are no side windows in the design of this trim. The cargo space has latches, liners and barriers to safeguard luggages while the vehicle is in motion.

2019 Toyota Hiace LWB Crew Van Interior 

This trim of the 2019 Toyota Hiace has a similar dashboard design and front seat area to the LWB Van, and it has second row seats which can be accessed using the sliding doors. There are side windows on the sliding doors, but the extreme rear area still does not have windows because it is reserved for cargo.

2019 Toyota Hiace SLWB Van Interior

The Hiace Super LWB (SLWB) is a longer and larger version of the LWB Van edition which we have looked at earlier. It has only two seats for the front passenger and drive, and the large cargo space at the back does not have side windows; the roofline of this Van is high to allow it take even more cargo.

2019 Toyota Hiace SLWB Commuter Interior

This bus will serve customers who plan to go for a field trip or other group travel

This large passenger bus has 17 seats which are arranged in 5 row seats; only the driver's and front passenger's seats have headrests. The interior of this Super LWB Commuter vehicle has complete features for comfort and safety, and the seat arrangements come in different layouts.

2019 Toyota Hiace Commuter GL trims Interior 

Top class taste and style is what this Toyota Hiace Commuter GL offers

There are more luxury features in the GL version of the Toyota Hiace for commuters; it has leather seats with headrests and even more features for passengers’ convenience. Customers get an improved infotainment system with a display screen on the dashboard, and there is a reverse sensor and camera.

We have a collection of standard features in the Toyota Hiace 2019 interior review, and they include the following;

  • Front seats cup holders

  • 12 Volt Socket Outlets

  • Front and Curtain Airbags

  • Automatic Central Door Locks

  • Power Front Windows

  • Safety seat belts for every passenger

  • USB Input Socket

These exquisite features make the Toyota Hiace 2019 worth the cost and it serves the customers adequately. Our expert Toyota Hiace 2019 interior review presents these details for buyers to make the best choice on their next purchase.

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